• HOTEL the M kanazawa UAN 雨庵HOTEL the M kanazawa UAN 雨庵
  • It is on days when the rain falls
    that you can experience
    the true beauty of Kanazawa.
  • We hope that even the time
    spent in the hotel becomes
    an unforgettable part of your trip.
  • Our rooms are
    imbued with the atmosphere
    of Kanazawa.
  • A special retreat
    near Kanazawa Castle
    awaits you.


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HOTEL the M kanazawa UAN



Highlighting the rain of Kanazawa - one of the charms of the city.

The stone paving glistens, the greenery of Kenroku-en deepens, and the lights sparkle in the rain.
The streets of Kanazawa are beautiful in the drizzling rain.
An old proverb says, “You can leave home without your lunchbox, but never leave without your umbrella”.
The city’s culture and structures are shaped by the abundant rain.

On your trip to Kanazawa, of course, we want you to enjoy fine days, but we also want you to experience the refined atmosphere the rain brings to the city.
The idea of enjoying and experiencing Kanazawa in the rain is contained in “Uan”, a hotel with a name which evokes the rain.

We want our guests to feel they were lucky to be here on a rainy day.
With us, you can experience Kanazawa in a deep and meaningful sense.



The time spent in the exquisite splendor of Kanazawa forms part of your trip.

The lounge at Uan is not just a place in which to take a rest. Kanazawa is famous for its flourishing tea ceremony culture, and guests can enjoy tea, experience traditional crafts, and appreciate works of art. We designed the lounge so that the time spent here becomes an unforgettable event for our guests. Sit back, relax, and let the minutes and hours pass by. Especially on a rainy day.

The Cha-no-ma has two spaces,designed for you to enjoy on fine or rainy days.
  • Savor the taste of carefully selected Kaga tea, 24 hours a day.Savor the taste of carefully selected Kaga tea, 24 hours a day.
  • Works of art which are connected to Kanazawa through sensibility.Works of art which are connected to Kanazawa through sensibility.
  • Pass the time absorbed in a good book.Pass the time absorbed in a good book.
  • Enjoy soba noodles after dining or drinking.Enjoy soba noodles after dining or drinking.

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Packed with Kaga vegetables, which have long been grown in Kanazawa.

Packed with Kaga vegetables, which have long been grown in Kanazawa. Choose a Japanese-style breakfast, which includes carefully selected rice, or a Western-style breakfast, which has an array of locally produced and popular bread. (Fee charged)

Offer 7:00 am - 9:30 am



"Bedroom" modeled on a Kanazawa villa, reserved for exclusive guests.

Uan does not house a large number of guest rooms. Our priority is to offer a generous amount of space in which all of our guests can relax and unwind. The 1F lounge HARE-NO-MA is designed to serve as a "living room," and the guest rooms as a bit luxurious, exclusive "bedroom."
Rooms complete with a courtyard and terrace make your overnight stay in Kanazawa even more special.


  • 2017/7/13
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  • Station
    Hokuriku Shinkansen Kanazawa Station: Kanazawa Station Kenrokuen Exit Bus Terminal boarding 8/9/10,
    bus to Musashigatsuji-Omichoichiba (5 min. walk)
    Komatsu Airport: Limousine Bus for Korinbo (50 min. ride) to Musashigatsuji-Omichoichiba (5 min. walk)
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